Listen with your EYES

Have you ever wondered what purpose God created human beings with two ears and one mouth ? Why God did not create man with a number of mouth more than the ears, two mouths one instance behind the ears?
The logical answer, according to some psychologists say that it is the intention behind the creation of man in communicating with another human being should listen more (two ears) than SPEAK (a mouth). And this law was particularly effective when applied in communication engineering in all areas of life including the field of marketing.
As a marketing in terms of making presentations to prospects, more listening than talking will make you able to get more information, more complete and more precise in meeting the needs of your prospects. If you more talk that happened was the prospect of you who will control the atmosphere and it would seem that you do not care about the needs of prospects, so the opportunity to gain from the sale will be lost along with your ignorance.
“Speaking is sharing, but listening is caring”
Listening is not enough just by ear, because the language used by human beings are not merely verbal (oral) but also non verbal (body movements, gestures, face expression and other physical movement) so it is important to listen with our EYES. If you listen, you do more than listen with your ears. If at all possible in a humane, focus directly to the prospect who is talking, forget a form, data, samples, or any other. Look at the eyes and notice the prospect of non-verbal clues that give insight into the person speaking. Watch her movements, the way people sat or stood, smiled or frowned-anything and everything that shows the frame of mind at that time.
Listen to ‘how’ that man speak: in addition to tone of voice and speed intensity. Listen with empathy, always ask yourself how you would feel if you were in a position prospect. And listen with an open mind while you are carefully considering the emotional involvement of the speaker in the words chosen.
What is important, do not interrupt, and do not ever finish one EXPRESSIONS, IDEAS, or when the prospect SENTENCES paused. By understanding the Law (two ears and one mouth) plus listen with your eyes, then automatically you have placed yourself as an important prospects that deserve to be heard and addressed.


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